Our Commitment to Customers

Mobil Automated Trainer (MAT), "Patent Pending"

ResTech Plastic Molding has developed a proprietary Mobil Automated Trainer (MAT) "patent pending" to provide state-of-the-art training to our associates on a continuous basis. This ultimate training tool ensures that our associates are among the most highly trained in the industry and second to none. Through continuous real-time training, we're able to maximize productivity while maintaining impeccable quality control.

Continuous Improvement

ResTech Plastic Molding is dedicated to providing our customers with uncompromising quality. We firmly believe that growth derives from continuous improvement. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of our customers.

Technology Driven Real-Time Training

Our investment in computerized quality control is the ultimate training tool to ensure superior production:

  • Real-Time Technical Training
  • Visual Work Instructions on Continuous Display
  • Revisions and Updates are Shown Instantly
  • Continuous Visual and Audio Multilingual Training
  • Secure Wireless Access to Information


We appreciate your interest in ResTech Plastic Molding and look forward to serving you.

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